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Building The Muslim’s Persona

Building the Muslim’s persona


Written by HE Shaikh Ahmed al Khalili in Columnists



By His Eminence Shaikh Ahmed al Khalili, Grand Mufti of the Sultanate — The Muslim personality is built in accordance to the directives given by God to His worshippers on the basis of faith in Allah and the Last Day, a deep faith that penetrates the soul, and dominates the mind, heart and conscious so that they are all in a state of utter interaction with the Sharia of God and continuously endeavouring to what benefits both the religion and the worldly life. The Muslim personality is keen on the solidarity of the nation with all its segments and on innovation, fully committed to the religious values shunning none of them. Besides, it should work hard for the common interests rather than those of a specific person or a group of people. Such are the deeds that unify the nation and enable it to confront the challenges. However, the most important thing is the emancipation of souls and minds from submission to others as the Muslim population ought to be effective rather than influenced and leading rather being led. The Muslim population should have a role in all the issues of humanity and to lead the humankind along the right path of good and righteousness.


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