Contentment is a trait of true Muslim

By His Eminence Shaikh Ahmed al Khalili, Grand Mufti of the Sultanate — Islam prompts Muslims to place themselves high and urges them not to accept being in the bottom. Islam also inculcates in its followers the trait of contentment which is the source of dignity and self-esteem because a contented man is self-dependent and self-sufficient.  Man becomes abject when he is in need of others’ help, but a self-dependent man is dignified, honoured, and enjoys high position among his community, which is why Islam discourages its followers from becoming subservient, seeking alms and help. Islam has emphasised much on this point and Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) said that: “Allah dislikes three things for you: gossip, wasting money and asking too much.”

Sheikh Ahmed

Islam teaches its followers the values of decency and contentment and urges them to feel satisfied with whatever they have, no matter how little it is. Muslims are supposed to abstain from the worldly desires and to seek the Hereafter as the latter is far better than the former. Allah says: “The likeness of this world’s life is only as water which We send down from the cloud, then the herbage of the earth of which men and cattle eat grows luxuriantly thereby, until when the earth puts on its golden raiment and it becomes garnished, and its people think that they have power over it, Our command comes to it, by night or by day, so We render it as reaped seed; produce, as though it had not been in existence the day before; thus do We make clear the signs for those who reflect.” God invites unto the dwelling of peace, and directs whom He wills into the right path.

God informs the Muslims about the worldly life and showed them is real essence and compared it with the Hereafter which He said is the abode of eternal happiness. Thus man keeps comparing between the two: the worldly life with all its hardships and the Hereafter where Muslims are promised lasting comfort and happiness if they exercised patience. Allah says: “Indeed, the patient will be given their reward without account.”

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