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Sheikh Ahmed 4


By His Eminence Shaikh Ahmed al Khalili, Grand Mufti of the Sultanate — With the arrival of Ramadhan,

the month of all goodness and faith, I am honoured to greet all Muslims, and I would like to urge all of

them to take advantage of this holy month and to dedicate themselves for worship.  Ramadhan is a

means of psychological education and a way of accustoming the self to good morals and leaving the ugly,

bad behaviour.  All Muslims are required to educate themselves during this holy month and try to make

some amendments to their deeds and to try fixing the broken relations in their families. All people are

asked to support each other in their attempt to draw themselves towards goodness, integrity and dignity.

Every person needs to practise worship and tame the self to do good deeds to attain happiness in this

world and  Hereafter.  Keeping commitment on worship is a way to free the self from slavery and to attain

salvation from the Almighty Allah and a way to upgrade the self to the highest levels.  Society should now

co-operate to form a good community that focuses on the worship of Allah and holds all the goodness.

Progress of nations is measured by their values and morals. Therefore, children should be raised on good

values since their childhood so that they could be good adults in future. New generations should inherit

values from ancestors and that is why people should enforce these values all the time

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