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How Muslims Should Demand Their Rights

By His Eminence Shaikh Ahmed al Khalili, Grand Mufti of the Sultanate — A Muslim weights his deeds with the balance of piety to measures their harms and benefits and decides whether or not to embark upon doing something. Anyone is allowed to claim Sheikh Ahmed 4his right but this should be done within lawful and reasonable limits. The common interest is — without a doubt — given preference over the individual interest, hence the claim of an individual’s rights is considered unlawful in Islam when it conflicts with the collective interest or undermines it, in which case the end never justifies the means. A Muslim has to contemplate both, the end and the means, and he shouldn’t try to achieve a lawful end by using unlawful means,  in other words a true Muslim is not allowed to reach an honourable end through despicable means.  A believer should fear Allah, the exalted, with regard to the means in the same way that he fears Him with regard to the ends. Muslims are strongly prohibited from doing any deed that can delay or disrupt work, create trouble or stir up sedition. When demanding rights one should not use the means that can cause harm to the society as a whole or to a group of people. Muslims are ordered to use only the means that brings about good not evil, and the means that lead to reconciliation and not sedition.

Written by HE Shaikh Ahmed al Khalili  in Columnists



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