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Readings on the Ibadhi Thought 3


Presented is a series of readings on the Ibadhi thought intended to encourage respected readers to study and reflect upon its crucial aspects so that they won’t be driven by any psychological motives or inherent influences which might hinder them from declaring and accepting the Truth.

Sheikh Ali Yahya Mu’mar (may Allah rest his soul in peace) says

“The Ibadhi Moslim community – based on its sect rules including the obligation of asking people to do good and stop bad deeds, the obligation of showing intimacy with those who do good and declaring freedom from those who do bad deeds, deeds and actions complement belief and no hope for sinners- shall be on the mercy of Allah.”

Based on these rules, the Ibadhi community is a true picture of a healthy clean community; they are clean in their ideology from innovations and divergence, they are clean in their deeds from sins, and they are clean in their morals by emulation of the prophet’s (peace be upon him) and his companions’ deeds in all ages. Other sects have done the Ibadhi sect injustice twice by first believing their historians who accuse Ibadhis of being Kharijets and secondly by not verifying this claim and accepting this lie instead of looking into the principles of this sect and verifying whether this sect has shown divergence from the Qur’an and Sunnah.

A lay Ibadhi person is a true example of Moslems. Furthermore, the Ibadhi community has always applied Allah’s orders, kept Islam, strove to apply the orders of Allah even in secrecy. Whosoever leads Ibadhis has set an example of a true trustworthy Moslem. They trustingly assign him their life and religious matters. In turn, their leader has accepted this trust and kept this promise.

(Ibadhi Fi Mawkib al Tarikh) V. 1 p.p 133- 135

Writer: Al Mansour

Source: cultural section on the website of Ibadhi

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