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Readings on the Ibadhi Thought 4

Sheikh Ali Yahya Mu’mar (may Allah rest his soul in peace) says:

“I stated that Ibadhis have spread in most Islam’s countries way before other sects such as Ashai’ra and Mu’tazila are formed. Regardless of the period when Imam Abdullah bin Yahya (seeker of Truth) is assigned as Imam and he cleared Mecca from rebellions, I believe that Ibadhis established an independent country in Oman.

Ruling this country has gone through successions until the current time. The Ibadhi country was very powerful in some ages of history that it establishes a strong navy that controlled all seas and challenged the world’s two strongest countries: Spain and Portugal.

As for the western part referring to the countries situated between the Egyptians borders and the Atlantic Ocean, some Ibadhi countries were also established there and were vivid examples of how should an Islamic country behave based on the Qur’an and prophet’s traditions. These countries started movements against injustice (especially injustice of Abbasid rulers in Libya when they weren’t applying the Qur’anic orders and were induced by life. Abbasid rulers didn’t pay attention to their people, got enticed by money and were total tyrants. When Ibadhis saw that, they strove to sustain justice in life.

I reviewed the references I got grab of (whether Ibadhi books or books written by other sects on the Ibadhis). I found in their autobiography honoring facts that distinguish Ibadhis in all historical ages.

You might read about bitter wars and depleting battles, victories and losses. However, you notice how honorable these people about just like prophet’s companions and rules after him (peace be upon him). Ibadhis respect peaceful peoples in their blood, money and lives. Their soldiers are fair; they only fight during the war, don’t follow run-away people, they don’t overkill injured people and corrupt morals. They don’t take money from their brother Moslems belonging to other sects. They are so just after war is over as they don’t take revenge after winning. They are careful in their belief and put their prophet and his companions as their ultimate modals.”


(Ibadhi Fi Mawkib al Tarikh) V. 1 p.p 136-139

Writer: Al Mansour

Source: cultural section on the website of Ibadhi

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