The Core Principles of Islamic Proselytising





His Eminence Shaikh Ahmed al Khalili, Grand Mufti of the Sultanate –
THE address of Islamic Dawah (proselytising or preaching) should be in line with the surrounding conditions.
No doubt the address of proselytising needs to delve deep into the problems facing humankind in general and the Islamic population in particular as Muslims are living in a state of strive and division which is why proselytisers and preachers should address such problems and try to find root solutions based on the indepth Islamic thinking that calls for reconciliation and harmony and warn against disunion. Such an address should be based on man’s reference to Allah the Almighty and to the holy Quran.
People have deserted, even though they recite it day and night and listen to it quite often, however, the holy Quran was revealed to become a way of life and guidance to good and righteousness and a genuine knowledge of Allah the Exalted.
The holy Quran is a solution to man’s problems, whether those relating to behaviours, morals or thinking. Similarly, it is a remedy to man’s problem regarding relationships either with God or with other people. Hence, all sorts of crises should have a root solution that is based on Quran and refers man to God in such a way that makes him an active member on the levels of family and society, a positive member who makes rather than breaks.




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